blog-pictureI’ve kept a journal for the past 15 years. Not many people know about it. Not many people have read it either. I have about 20 or so composition books of all my writings through the years of writings. They’re mostly my random thoughts, things I did during the day or anything I want to write about. It was very liberating and empowering. Since I dated all my entries, I would love how I can go back and read about a moment in time that probably would’ve been forgotten if I hadn’t written about it. Details, feelings and specifics were always my priority in my writings.

Now that I’ve started a blog for class it’s so much different. Unlike my composition journals, these writings are shared. I have an audience and because of it the writing is a bit different. As I get more comfortable writing for an audience I feel like I will have more of distinct voice. I’m pretty happy with my blog posts so far in class but I also feel like they aren’t as genuine as I’d them to be. I think this is because I’m conscious about people reading them. Most of my blogs have been about my reluctance to fully embrace media platforms. This class has definitely made me much aware of the power of my voice and how to better utilize that with all the different platforms. Hopefully as I keep blogging I will feel more comfortable and have more of a distinct voice.

As this class is coming to end, I do feel I’ve become more comfortable expressing myself. I do think I have gotten better at finding my voice through blogging. When I first started this course, it took me forever to do the assignments. Mostly because it took me a long time trying to express myself on the blog posts, curation, tweeting, etc. As I’ve gotten use to it week by week, the postings have gotten a bit easier. I’m definitely more confident in communicating and finding my voice.

I found that I have alot more to say after I have done the readings. I mean that’s kind of obvious but the readings have really made me think critically on alot of things. The remix blog post was something I felt really passionate about. Being an avid film buff, it has frustrated me to see how everyone seems to be re-making everything. Nothing seems original any longer. I understood why it was happening but I still had strong opinions about it. The blog post actually inspired me to talk more about hollywood and my acting experiences in my mediated writing assignment.I’m also proud of my Things I miss blog post. Most of my posts are about the “good ol days” before social media and I feel like I was able to convey that in this post. It made me reminisce of the old things that don’t exist any longer. How things are constantly changing and how we must adapt. I feel like my voice, frustration and reluctance to the future was all shown in this piece.

I also really enjoyed reading other student’s blog posts. I haven’t gotten much responses on my comments but I thought I share comments I made recently here and here.

I want to continue to write more. Maybe on my personal journal or a blog I share, I dunno. I’ve enjoyed getting my voice out there. I think it’s an empowering tool for everyone to take advantage of. In the future, I hope to continue to speak out and have platform to share my thoughts.


Class Curation


The class curation posts have been real helpful in seeing what other students find interesting. The first couple of weeks seemed a bit forced in that I wasn’t sure which topics interested me. I think as the class has progressed, I’ve been more drawn into certain topics and ideas. This section for me can be a bit tricky because there’s a fine line between something newsworthy¬† to something that is cool or entertaining. My last curation post on David Bowie seemingly telling the future was something cool that I had found but not necessarily academic nor newsworthy to some. I felt the need to share because I do believe that the internet has evolved into something few people have ever imagined. If anything I felt the post could’ve created a discussion on where we are now and the limitless potential possibilities we can still look forward to in the future!

I’ve been generally happy with my class curation posts. Towards the end of the quarter, I was finding more things on my own to share. Earlier, I felt like I was digging, googling and scraping to find material.¬† As I’ve gotten more comfortable navigating through things online, I have been able to find things to share more frequently and easily. The things that have been interesting to me were topics looking into the future. There seems to be a theme in my curations. I’m very interested in what the future may hold for us digital learners. The last few posts I made had to do with what the future may bring. I shared a post on Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto, phone security in airports and most recently a post about a possible solution to limit trolling. I think all these posts have shown my interest in the possibilities we may face in the future of our digital literacies.