I’ve had a love hate relationship with social media and digital platforms. I’m here to understand myself, interests and how I communicate with others. I’m still growing, learning and trying to overcome possible obstacles.

Failure #1


Setting this wordpress has been quite an obstacle for me. I’ve been playing around with this page for hours. My pages don’t seem to go inside the menu items and it’s been really frustrating. However, I realized it’s not working because I’m making separate pages and trying to group them with a menu page which is it’s own entity. I would basically have to create a new link if I want a new page. I didn’t realize this and just had a “DUH” moment. I had an idea that I would set up like my blog where I can make or “write” a post and it will just keep being in the same menu item page. This only works in the blog format. The rest of the menu items will only be one page where I can add stuff to that page or maybe do a drop down menu to keep it organized too. I’m still playing around with this and trying to get this site organized and easy to read.

Failure #2


I also had a very hard time trying to create a gif for one of my daily creates. At first I thought I would do a video. I did that but realized that it was just a straight forward video which didn’t loop or have the gif characteristics. After many takes and shots, I settled on just taking a long picture. My iphone 6s has a live picture feature where if you take a regular picture, it actually tapes a video of a couple of seconds before and after. I then used a gif app where I uploaded my picture in. After many tries and fails, I finally got my gif which I posted for my weekly play/daily create.

Failure #3


I have held off doing a twitter chat because honestly I’m not sure how it works and I’m also terrified. I joined the tweetchat site and browse but never tweet. I get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything. I’ve done this numerous times now. Finally I had the courage to tweet and join a chat. I joined an Art chat. Someone posted something interesting on Banksy, the satirical/provocative London-based artist and I responded to the article he posted. He didn’t write back and I felt nervous and dumb so I left the chat. I’m still not sure how it all works. All I see are a bunch of hashtags and information. No one seemed to be engaging or talking with one another. I’m not sure if I’m in the right place for a chat or maybe it’s the topic itself. Art is pretty broad. In any case, I let my nervousness and being anxious prevent me from having a twitter chat. Maybe someday I’ll find them less awkward and actually connect with a few people on them..

Failure #4


While working on my PechaKucha, I had some trouble automatically setting a timer for 20 seconds on each of my slide. I’ve never used google slides before so everything was quite new to me. I know how to do powerpoints so it wasn’t all too difficult. It was pretty straight forward and I enjoyed exploring a program I’ve never used before. The only problem I ran into was how to make each slide 20 seconds. They had preset options for the time but skipped 20 seconds. There were only 15 and 30 second options I could use! After some playing around and googling, I found that you would have to publish the slideshow and change the timer on the weblink itself. I found this information from a thread of people who were wondering the same thing. After some digging around I got it to work! This is a great example of “messing around” and “geeking out”. I was able to troubleshoot by messing around with the program and eventually digging deeper to find a network of users who were discussing and finding solutions for this particular problem. I was very relieved and happy to find them! Overall, I like how y PechaKucha turned out. It’s short, concise and shows my journey as a digital learner.