Weekly plays

I really enjoy the weekly plays and seeing others as well. I think a big part of being connected with people is the humor and the creative things that circulate.It’s very easy to “steal” people’s memes and gifs. For the first couple of classes, I didn’t really fully understand that we had to actually make these. I was so use to stealing gifs and memes and sharing them on facebook and instagram. It’s important to know how to make them as well and I’m slowly learning.

For last week’s weekly play I used “padlet”. It was pretty straight forward and I didn’t have much problems with playing around with the platform. I went back to the readings and chose a few quotes from the books and articles we’ve been reading.


I started doing the daily creates. I think they’re very creative and I enjoy doing them. When I started doing them, I felt just like my son Pablo here. He’s building, learning and most of all having fun.


My favorite and most challenging play has to be the Rocky the rock n roll hedgehog gif I created. I had some trouble creating this gif so it was especially rewarding when I got to figure out and finish this play. Here he is in his rock n roll glory.



Here’s my last weekly play. I have alot of books, so creating this book mashup was really fun. I had some other silly ideas and combinations but after looking back on this quarter and all that I’ve learned through our readings, it made sense to include the 3 digital books we have been reading. I do feel like this class has been a “small victory” for me as a digital learner. I’ve made some strides, I’m more aware and mindful but I understand that there is still alot more to learn and strive for. Being a good digital citizen and teaching others to be one as well is what I hope for myself and the younger generation of digital learners.

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